March 1, 2023

AI Recruitment in 2023 - Finding the Ideal Fit

AI Recruitment

The AI Hype

The true value of AI products is not in their ability to automate tasks, but in their ability to uncover insights and help us make better decisions - Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.
AI Hype

Ever heard of Artificial Intelligence? No? You must be living under a rock! Jokes aside, there is no doubt that the next big thing in tech or probably human history is Artificial Intelligence. Yup! No exaggeration here. With the release of AI tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Mid Journey we have only scratched the surface of what we can do with AI.  It was only a matter of time before it reached the Recruitment industry. And now that it has, I present to you a new form of recruiting, "The era of AI Recruitment"!

AI & The Recruiting Industry - A Match Made in Hiring Heaven

AI Recruitment is the best thing that could have happened to the Recruitment industry. It's going to change the way we look at hiring. Because of AI, recruiting is going to get a much-needed makeover. Hiring isn't going to bring a company on the verge of bankruptcy anymore. No more spending countless hours examining resumes or crafting the perfect job description. Leave the nitty-gritty details and the grunt work to the AI. AI Recruitment is certainly going to kick the traditional hiring method right out of the window. And if you don't want to keep up with the times then I'm sorry, you are doomed to fail.

Research by Tidio found that 65% of organizations are already using some form of AI in their recruitment process.

Benefits of AI Recruitment

No more finding needles in haystacks. Here are the top benefits of AI Recruitment reported by companies who have already started to incorporate it into their processes.

Cut through the clutter faster

AI Recruitment will help you go through much more volumes of data with higher speed and efficiency, thus saving your teams money, time, and resources. It's like finding the needle in the haystack but without any hay.

No more Bad Hires

No more guessing if a hire will be fit for a role or not. Let AI do the judging now. Because when using AI, there is little possibility of bias and zero to no chance of human errors. It will screen your candidates much more efficiently and effectively. Every candidate your hire now will be backed up by data-driven facts.

Better Candidate Experience

Autopilot AI

AI recruitment will also transform your candidates' experience. It's going to make your process much more candidate-friendly and interactive. It can help guide your candidate through the recruitment process. Your candidate will never leave feeling unheard. They will be more engaged and invested during every stage of the hiring process.  

A study done by PWC found that nearly half (49%) of job seekers working in in-demand fields like technology say they have turned down an offer because of a bad experience during the hiring process.

AI Recruiting Features - Recruiting on Autopilot

Recruit on autopilot using the following features AI Recruitment has to come up with:

No more Resume Fatigue:

If you adopt AI Recruitment, you'll have to let AI Do the Heavy Lifting for you. No more spending dozens of your valuable hours on screening, in most cases, poorly written resumes. AI will do this for you. It won't just screen resumes, but also match them to your job description and sort the candidates according to who would be a better fit for the job. Some examples of AI-powered resume parsers are Affinda and Rchilli.

A study by Ideal found that using AI in recruitment can reduce the time to screen resumes by up to 75% and reduce the time to fill positions by up to 50%.

Level Up Your Job Descriptions with AI

No more copy-pasting plain old boring job descriptions! AI can help you write personalized job descriptions that will make your company stand out from the crowd and convince a candidate to apply to your company just by reading the job post. AI will also help you identify keywords, formats, and language tones that will get the most candidate engagement. Everything in your job description will be crisp, clear, and to the point. Two such tools that can help you get this job done are Rytr and Simplified.

Goodbye to Calendar Chaos

Goodbye Frustration, Hello Automation! No more losing your sanity over scheduling meetings across different time zones. Your personalized AI assistant will do it for you. The AI assistant will not just be much faster, but it will also reduce the chances of manual error. Calendar Hero can help you get this job done.

Video Interviews with AI Robots

AI-powered tools can help in the interview process. They can analyze facial expressions, changes in tone of voice, and other factors to evaluate a candidate's communication skills and personality during the interview. If we can integrate this, this will also remove human bias that tends to affect the selection of candidates.

Assessments Powered by AI

Assessments by AI

AI-powered online assessments can test a candidate's abilities in different areas, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, writing, and technical skills. These assessments simulate real-world scenarios. The AI won't just judge the candidates by the correct answer but also look into how the candidates reached their conclusion. AI will also help eliminate any form of unconscious bias that occurs when a human is evaluating.  

AI Chatbots

A common problem candidates have while searching for jobs is that they often feel ghosted by recruiters. They feel like they get left in the dark, and long recruitment processes just worsen these feelings. A solution to this problem can be programming AI Chatbots. Whenever a candidate has any query about the hiring process, the company, or the status of his application, they can simply refer to your trusted Chatbot. The Chatbot will be much more time and cost-effective, not to mention there will be no human errors. The best thing about the chatbot is that it will be available 24/7 for your candidates.

Social Media Screening

Social media screening

Let's cut to the chase. We can tell a lot about someone by the digital footprint they leave behind. When evaluating a candidate, it is necessary to check their personality and behavior. What better way could there be other than checking their social media? That is where AI comes into play. AI will be able to scan all posts, pictures, and comments in a matter of seconds. Then the collected data can get checked for hate speech and negative language.

The Darker Side of AI - Potential Risks & Limitations

AI Recruitment is still a relatively new concept. Its complete effects can't determined as of now. It does come with a couple of limitations and risks, so before you jump on the AI bandwagon, here is a list of things you need to keep in mind when integrating AI into your recruitment.

Loss of Human Touch

Recruitment will lose its humane touch if we over-rely on AI to do our job for us because AI cannot consider human emotions and struggles. Your company might miss the perfect fit because your candidate had to skip the interview for a family emergency. Now, this is an example where human intervention is required. An AI-powered recruiter robot won't take these sensitive human conditions into account.  

Data Privacy & Ethical Issues

Is it even ethical for a company to go through someone's social media for the sake of evaluating their behavior and personality? That is a question that has not been addressed yet. AI-powered tools can lead to data privacy issues and all sorts of ethical issues.

Can't Judge Cultural Fit

This is where AI lacks. It can detect if a candidate is an ideal fit for your company on paper however, it can't judge whether the candidate is the perfect cultural fit for your organization. That is for you and your team to decide.

Cost of Implementing AI

Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of AI Recruitment is still new. Only a handful of tools exist which are reliable and available to the public. That is why integrating AI right now might not be possible for start-ups and even medium-sized companies because of their prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding AI Recruitment.

Will AI take the Human out of HR?

No one can deny the benefits of AI, however, if you think the positions in the HR department are going to be filled with robots now, then you are wrong. While AI does streamline many processes and is much faster than humans, it will never replace them, certainly not in the HR department. As long as there are humans in the workforce, HR will be run by humans. Ultimately, a robot can't make human connections with candidates and employees.

What are Some Examples of AI recruitment Tools?

There are many AI recruitment tools out in the market today, some popular examples include:

What is the Return on Investment of AI Recruitment?

A study done by PwC found that companies that use AI recruitment tools are 3.5 times more likely to make better hiring decisions and are 2.5 times more likely to improve their time-to-hire. So yeah, I think to say AI Recruitment will have a significant ROI. However, as of now, we can't really give it a specific percentage because the return on investment will depend on how much AI you incorporate into your processes.

How to Train the Hiring Team for AI Recruitment?

Training your hiring team is essential if you want them to step up AI recruitment processes in your company. You can do that in the following ways:

  1. Provide hands-on training with AI tools.
  2. Encourage feedback from the team.
  3. Explain the benefits and limitations of AI Recruitment to them so that they have a better understanding of what can and can't get done.
  4. Most importantly, explain to them how this will not take away their job but make it much easier.
Over the next decade, AI won’t replace managers. But managers who use AI will replace those who don’t - Harvard Business Review

Can AI Improve Diversity and Inclusion in Team Building?

AI is programmed in a way that it can only judge candidates on the base of their merit. Because it is entirely objective it doesn't care what the race, age, or gender of the candidate is. Thus, there is very little chance of bias. It can also help you identify patterns as to why your company is lacking diversity. It can help you write content that is much more inclusive and diverse to attract more candidates.  


AI Recruitment is inevitable. It can help companies reduce recruitment costs and increase efficiency, diversity, and accuracy. The sooner companies realize this, the better their chances are to stay ahead of the competition. Companies that embrace AI recruitment will find the right fit for their jobs much faster and make better data-driven decisions. Your recruiters must keep an eye on the ever-changing AI recruitment trends to stay up to date on what can provide better results.

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Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier