March 1, 2023

What is an Applicant Tracking System - Hire Smarter, Not Harder

Applicant Tracking System

What Is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a platform that helps businesses streamline their Hiring and Recruitment process. The system enables organizing candidates, gathering information, highlighting prospects’ experience and skill set, and filtering applicants.

As of 2019, over 95% of Fortune 500 Companies were already using an Applicant Tracking System! But before you close this tab because you think, “I’m not a large corporation, I don’t need this,” stay with us for just a moment. The point of this statistic is that these systems are so effective that the top businesses are currently using them.  

Hiring new people is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Your employees are on the front lines of working with your clients to help your company succeed. You want to make sure you have the best people in those positions, and that’s where an Applicant Tracking System comes in!

You can get incredible technology that fits into your budget, saves your time, and puts the best people on your crew. Applicant Tracking Systems make the recruiting and hiring process seamless by using AI to filter through hundreds of applicants and find the best candidates to fill an opening.  

What Are the Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking Systems take out the menial tasks of the recruitment process and offer a funneled approach. With an Applicant Tracking System on your staff, your HR team will be able to focus on interviewing the top people for the job rather than weeding through a plethora of applicants.

When it comes to improving the recruitment process, an Applicant Tracking System has numerous perks!

Identify the Best Fit for a Job  

Applicant Tracking Systems efficiently comb through all of the applications you get and quickly identify who meets the expected criteria for the position.  

Speed Up the Hiring Process  

Best fit for a job

When there’s a position you need to fill, you probably don’t want to wait weeks or months to fill the gap. Applicant Tracking Systems are designed to speed up the process by scanning applications for keywords and criteria mentioned in the system. This way, all of the applications reviewed by the HR team are from candidates who fit the bill.  

Cuts Recruitment Costs  

Many people assume that state-of-the-art software costs an arm and a leg, but companies that don’t use a recruitment tool spend an average of $1872 on hiring someone new. Most Applicant Tracking Systems are significantly cheaper than not using a tool, and the best systems include everything needed for end-to-end recruitment.

Helps You Build a Phenomenal Team

Bring your dream team to life by identifying the people who will lead your team forward! Application Tracking Systems take out the guesswork and provide you with a shortlist of the people who you’re looking for.

Phenomenal Team

Five Key Features of an Applicant Tracking System

If you think that it’s time to upgrade to an Applicant Tracking System for your business, you need to know what to look for in a platform. Think about it as the last in-depth candidate search you’ll have to do for your company.

You should explore five components of an Application Tracking System: sourcing, tracking, evaluation, hiring, and analytics.

To read our extensive guide on applicant tracking system benefits.

1. Sourcing

Sourcing refers to optimizing your application platform to attract the right applicants. Part of the hiring battle is getting the right people to apply the first time, so you don’t have to conduct multiple rounds of interviews or settle for a sub-par candidate.

Your ATS can help you find the right candidates by developing a branded career website to help clarify who the best people to join your team are. You can also draft customized application forms so you can tailor your questions to the position you’re interviewing for.

Additionally, your ATS can help you get the word out about your open position with social media sharing and discovering the best platforms to share the vacancy.

2. Tracking

Tracking is all about customizing and visualizing your workflow the way you want so that you can manage your job postings and applicants. As the main component of an Application Tracking System, your platform should enable you to collaborate with your entire team as you keep tabs on everything from job descriptions to candidate profiles.

Your ATS can take care of everything from streamlining your hiring pipeline, managing the job openings you have, reviewing candidate profiles, and creating job templates.

You can also program your ATS to let you know as soon as a new application is submitted!  

3. Evaluation  

Once your Application Tracking System creates a shortlist, you still have to decide who to interview and ultimately, who to hire. The best platforms enable complete collaboration so you can reach a group decision on the new team member.

Within your ATS, your team can rate candidates, leave notes for everyone to view, and work together to evaluate applicants.  

4. Hiring  

When you know who to interview, Application Tracking Systems are there to get everything scheduled. And when you’ve found the right person, and it’s time to pop the champagne, your platform is ready with offer email templates and offers management.

Your ATS can take care of the finer details of the hiring process by streamlining processes such as scheduling interviews, sending out email reminders, and drafting offers. Most ATSs help you create email templates, so you can send out messages regarding positions by simply filling in the blanks.

5. Analytics  


Once the job search is over, it’s essential to analyze the process. Applicant Tracking Systems make easy work of compiling numbers in a digestible format so you can quickly generate a report.

Hirecinch Applicant Tracking System

The good news is that the Hirecinch Application Tracking System has everything you need to make your recruitment process a cinch!  

Our software takes the hassle out of hiring. We’re constantly working to improve our system so you can keep discovering the best people for your work environment. Our platform is easy to use and can fit into any budget.

Discover the strength of Hirecinch and request a free demo or sign up today.

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Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier