Close A Job

Here's how you can close an active job! Closing a job means you can still access the applicants' data and send them offers.

Closing a job means that candidates can’t apply to that job anymore. If you close a job, you can’t:  

  • Make changes to the job
  • Insert/Delete candidates in the job
  • View the job on your careers page  

Why close a Job at all?

This can be useful when you feel like your candidate pool has reached a limit. Click on the "x" icon to simply Close the Job and stop more candidates from applying!

When a Job is closed, you will still be able to:

  • Access candidate data.  
  • View notes, emails, score, and send offers to candidates.
  • Move candidates to different stages.  

Deleting a Job:

Deleting a job will erase all the data and candidates of that job from your account. Once a job is closed, you will be able to see the "Delete" icon.

Important: You can’t recover a deleted Job!!