Customise Hiring Pipeline

Each job has a Hiring Pipeline consisting of multiple stages that a candidate will pass through. Here's how you can manage your Hiring Pipeline!

“Track candidates better by dividing the hiring into stages in a pipeline.”

Each job will have its own Customisable Pipeline. The pipeline is divided into stages. Hirecinch provides you with a default pipeline that you can edit while creating a job or updating an existing job.  

Edit the Hiring Pipeline:

  • If your job already exists, go to the home page and click on the job you want to configure. Click on the "Edit" icon beside the job title.  
  • Click on the "Hiring Pipeline" button to edit the Pipeline

  • You will see a list of stages that make up your Hiring Pipeline
  • Your applicants will exist in different stages of your pipeline throughout your hiring process
  • From here you can either use the default pipeline or create your own
  • You can add new stages by clicking on the "Add a Stage" button:

  • You can remove stages by clicking on the "Delete" icon:

  • You can also drag stages to change their order in the hiring pipeline:

  • You can assign a different type to your stage:

Important:  Do not forget to press the "Save Job" button after making changes to your Job!!!!