How Is Score Calculated

The score is calculated with great care and responsibility at Hirecinch. Here are the details about how we calculate the score.

Our Scorecards feature is meticulously designed and engineered to provide an effective way to ensure collaboration when evaluating applicants on a range of different attributes and cross-sections while still, minimising the redundant and manual parts of the evaluation process.

How do weights impact the score?

The formula used to calculate scores is as follows:

The score of a section = [ Sum of ( score of a subsection * weightage of that section) ] / ( Sum of weights of all subsections )

For instance, let's say section A has two subsections Aa and Ab with weights 2 and 3 respectively. A member scores a candidate 3 stars and 4 stars in these subsections respectively. The score of that section will be calculated like,

= [(score_of_Aa)(weight_of_Aa) + (score_of_Ab)(weight_of_Ab) ] / (weight_of_Aa + weight_of_Ab)

= (3*2 + 4*3) / (2 + 3)

= 18 / 5

= 3.6 stars on section A