Job Status

A job can have different statuses and you can change a job's status according to what you need. Here are some of the statuses.

Important: Once you change the status of your job, it can’t go back to the previous job status.

Job statuses give a big picture view of your hiring process. At one glance, you can look and tell which jobs are open for hiring, which need to be opened, and which are done. In Hirecinch, there are three kinds of job statuses:


  • You can only edit jobs when they are in draft. You can have any number of jobs in the draft.

Important: When you first create your job, it is automatically given the status “Draft”.


  • Once your job is in “Active”, you can go and publish your job application form on your careers page by clicking the 'Publish button which is located on the top of your screen on your jobs main page.

  • You can un-publish it any time as well by clicking the same button. When your job has been published, candidates can start applying through your careers page.  


  • Closing a job means you're happy with your candidate pool and thus don’t want any more candidates applying to your job.  
  • When you close a job, you'll still be able to:
  • Make changes to the job.
  • Insert / Delete candidates in the job.
  • Your application Job will no longer appear on your career page.

How do change job statuses?

By default, a job when created is saved as a draft. Now if you want to change the status of your job  from draft to active, click on view all jobs from the navigation bar. Then press the 'Draft; tab.

Either select the job and then click on the 'MOVE TO ACTIVE' button which is located beneath the job status tabs or hover over the job, and an -> button will appear. Click on that button to move it to active status.

Now, if you want to close a job, press the "active" tab.

Then either select the job and then click on the 'CLOSE' button which is located beneath the tabs or hover over the job and a 'x' button will appear, click on it to close the job.

Note: If you close a job, it can't be moved to 'Active' or 'Draft' status again.