Scoring Applicants

Scoring a candidate means your score adds up to the average score by the whole team. Here's how you can score a candidate.

In order to score an applicant, go to the applicant profile, on the top right side of your screen, you will be able to see some tabs, click the one which says scorecard.

When scoring candidates, you can either choose to score on section or subsection level.

  • When scoring on section level, the score you give to the section will be trickled down to all subsections of that section.
  • When scoring subsections, the score you give to your subsections will be used to calculate the average score and that average score will reflect on the section score. Subsections that have not been scored won't participate in calculating averages.

If you want to delete a score, simply click on the score to delete it.

Once you are done scoring, click on the view results button, from here you will be able to see the results you gave to the applicant. You can also look at:

  • how other people in your team scored the applicant.
  • how the applicant has scored across various stages.

Note: If a team member is disabled, that means they have not yet scored the candidate.