Setting Up Application Form

Learn how to create an Application Form for candidates to fill when applying for a job!

The Application Form controls the information you want your candidates to send when they apply for your job. Each form may vary from job to job.

You can Configure the Application Form while "Creating a Job" or "Updating a Job":


If your job already exists, go to the home page and click on the job you want to configure. You will see an "Edit" icon beside the job name on the top of your screen.  

Click the "Application Form" button to edit the form.

Next to each column, you’ll find three options:  

  • Required: Filling the column will be compulsory
  • Optional: The applicant can choose to either fill the column or leave it empty
  • Off: The column will not be shown to the applicant

Note: You can check out the resulting Application Form by opening the form from your website's career page.  

Important: Do not forget to press the "Save Job" button after making changes to your Job!!!!

You can get any variation of applicant information using your Application Form. Hirecinch provides some basic fields by default which can be turned on or off according to your requirements. However, if you feel the default options do not meet your needs, you can use Custom Questions.

Custom Questions

Hirecinch provides a variety of input types to get information from candidates. These types include:

  • Short Text - Applicants can give short answers(up to 255 characters)
  • Long Text - Applicants can give long answers(up to a specified word limit)
  • Files - Applicants can submit PDF files(up to 3MB)
  • Multiple Choices - Applicants can select multiple options
  • Single choice - Applicants can select a single option
  • URL - Applicants can provide a URL to your question
  • Date - Applicants can provide a date

Therefore, you can add custom questions to your Job Application Form.

Important: Do not forget to press the "Save Job" button after making changes to your Job!!!!

How can you view the Application Form?

In order to view your Application Form, go to the main page of your job. Clicking on the "Preview Job" icon will redirect you to the careers page.

Click on the "Apply Now" button to access your job's Application Form!