Release 1.2

Release 1.2 involved a huge feature and a couple of updates that we did.

September 13, 2022

With release 1.2, we panned out scorecards and updated our billing and candidate's table.


One of our biggest features as yet, the scorecard, took a lot of thinking as we wanted it to be very meaningful while evaluating candidates. It is designed keeping in mind all the nitty-gritty of evaluations. Read more about scorecards here.

Billing (Update)

We revamped our billing feature and now it is much easier to select the payment model of your choice. We also introduced the one-time purchasing model in this release.

Candidate Tables (Update)

We updated our candidate and job tables with MUI5 and now a user has a lot better experience customizing the tables according to what he needs.

Like in release 1.1, we fixed quite a many bugs and refactored our codebase in this release as well.