Creating Your First Job

Here's how you can create your first job at Hirecinch. Everything related to a job is packed under a hood to make it easy to edit, save, publish or close a job.

It’s the Hiring time? Start by creating a Job!

Make sure you are clear on the job description and requirements before you start configuring your job. This will save time later as you won’t have to go back and keep editing your job.  

What we’ll cover?

  • Creating a job
  • Configuring the settings of a job
  • Editing a job.  

Let's Start!

Create a Job

  • When you log in you’ll be able to see a sidebar on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on the + icon to create a new job.  


  • Fill out the necessary information in the form. "Job Title" and "Department" are mandatory fields.  

  • If you do not see your required department in the list, click the "Add a Department" button to create a new department right on spot!  

  • Once you are done, press the “Save Job” button. You’ll find it on the top right corner of your screen.

Pro-tip: To get better results during sourcing, make sure you fill out as many fields as you can  

And... You’re done!

You’ve created your very first job on Hire Cinch. Now what?

You can do one of three things:

1. Cancel

By pressing the "Cancel" button, your job will be saved as a draft and you’ll be taken back to the home screen.  

Note: Don’t worry you’ll be able to configure the settings later.  

2.   Move to Active

By clicking the “Move to Active” button, your job post will go live. Candidates will be able to apply for the job from your organisation's career page.   

Note: Learn more about job statuses here:


3. Configure Job settings

You can further configure your settings!

Edit the Application Form:

This form controls the information you want your candidates to send to you while they apply for your job. You can find the option to edit the Appliaction Form next to the "Job Details" button.

Next to each column, you’ll find three options:  

  • Required: The applicant must fill this column.  
  • Optional: The applicant can choose to either fill the respective column or leave it empty.
  • Disabled: The column will not be shown to the applicant.

Edit the Hiring Pipeline:

A Job is divided into different stages. Applicants can exist in different stages of the pipeline during hiring. You can find the "Hiring Pipeline" option next to the "Application Form" button. You can:

  • Change the order of the stages by clicking on the ":::" button and dragging the stages up or down.
  • Give each stage a specific type.
  • Delete stages from your pipeline.
  • Add new stages into your pipeline.

Pro-tip: Having a well-defined pipeline can really help you target specific skill sets of a candidate, leading to better judgment calls.

Edit the Hiring Team:

Once you click the "Hiring Team" button, you will be able to see a list of employees. The admins and the owner of the organisations will automatically be added to the team and they can’t be removed.  

  • You can add a specific member to your team by clicking the checkbox icon and a checkmark will appear
  • You can remove a member by clicking the checkbox icon to remove the checkmark  
  • If you can’t see the name of the person you want to add to the team, click “Invite them to your company!”

Important:  Do not forget to press the "Save Job" button after making changes to your Job!!!!  

Update Existing Job:

If your job already exists, go to the home page and click on the job you want to edit. You will see an edit icon beside the job name on the top of your screen.  Click that icon to start editing your existing Job.

What's next?

Now that you have created your first job, it's time to create the Application Form for the job!