Release 1

Our first release, the biggest of them all as it was meant to be, panned out with plenty of features. The idea was to go with a set of features that let the user complete a basic hiring flow and then keep on updating the product with small releases.

September 13, 2022

However basic a feature set we were aiming for in our first release, it had to let the user complete a basic hiring cycle at a minimum. The main features in our release 1.0 were:

Job Teams

With this feature, a user is able to create a separate job team for each of his organization's jobs. Not all the members of an organization are meant to be related to every job and that Hirecinch knows. Read more about the job teams here.

Hiring Pipeline

The hiring pipeline contains all the stages the candidates will go through. This feature, by default, provides the user with a very basic hiring pipeline but you can customize it according to your needs. Read more about the hiring pipeline here.

Job Management

Job management lets you play with the settings of a job. While creating a job, you can enter the job details, configure the application form, customize your hiring pipeline and hiring team and add a scorecard to any stage if you want. Read more about it here.

Candidate Profile

This feature lets you view all the data, that is related to a candidate, in one place. A candidate's resume, his/her personal information, his/her educational information, his/her working experience, etc. can be viewed staying at a single screen. Read more about the candidate profile here.

Team Notes

You can add a note against a user that makes sure you don't have to remember any stuff about anyone. Anyone in the job team can view these notes which increases collaboration among the hiring team. Read more here.

Careers Page

A careers page is where all your active jobs get published. Candidates can visit your careers page and apply for your jobs there.

Configurable Application Form

A default application form is provided by Hirecinch which you can tweak a bit according to your needs. You can make the fields optional or mandatory or you can just choose to not include them in your form.

Email Communication

This feature lets you communicate with your candidates and reach them easily whenever you want. You can send emails to candidates individually or you cant choose to send a similar email to a batch. Read more about communication here.

Report a Bug & Feature Requests  

Reporting a bug is appreciated and we love solving them. We thought it important enough to include it in our first release, and that means we are pretty serious about improvements. Feature requests are also possible and we will love to hear what can make our platform more assistive.

Company and Profile Settings

Company and profile settings let you customize your things up to a limit. We went with a very basic version of customization for obvious reasons, but there are clear plans to improve on that in our next releases.

Roles and Permissions

Hirecinch provides two roles, admin and member. Both the roles have separate sets of privileges. Learn about changing roles here.