March 31, 2023

Top Recruitment Hacks to step up your hiring process

What is a standardized hiring process?

A standardized or excellent hiring process simply means a process that uses a consistent, systematic, and objective approach to hire potential candidates. Standardizing the recruitment process makes sure that all the applicants are sourced, screened, interviewed, and hired in a fair and objective manner, which reduces the possibility of discrimination in the process in addition to combatting other hiring challenges

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Who is involved in the hiring process?

A hiring team generally compromises an HR lead, a hiring manager, a sourcer, a recruiter, interviewers, an employer brand marketer, and the owner of the company. But keep in mind that it is not necessary that every organization has the same roles involved in their hiring team, the structure of the hiring team completely depends on the requirements of the job and the organization.

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What steps are in the hiring process?

Following are some basic steps that a hiring team runs in any hiring process:

  1. Write an effective job description as it is one of the first interactions applicants have with your organization. It should define clear responsibilities and requirements for the role you are hiring for.
  2. Advertise the open position on multiple platforms, such as your company's career page, social media, job boards, career fairs and etc. Choose the platform wisely, where you can target maximum quality candidates.
  3. Evaluate candidate resumes and examine their skills or past work experiences. You can also use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to compare resumes against your job description.
  4. Carry out tests and assessments, depending on the open position, in order to test whether the candidate can fulfill the responsibilities or not.
  5. Conduct technical or HR interviews, to get to know more about the skills and personality of the candidate, these interviews give you a comprehensive overview of how well each candidate will fit within the organization and help you find qualified candidates.
  6. Execute background check, to ensure the candidate is legally fit for the position and has provided all the valid information.
  7. Now you have gained enough knowledge about your candidate and it's time for making a final decision about who to hire. Consult the whole team, who interacted with the candidate to make a more informed decision.
  8. Now everything seems good and you are ready to send out the job offer for your selected candidate. Include all the necessary details that a candidate needs to know before joining and accepting the offer.
  9. Lastly, onboard and welcome the selected candidate to the organization. But before that make sure you have all the necessary material ready for your new employee.
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Top 12 hiring hacks to accelerate your recruitment process

Below mentioned, are a few hiring hacks that might be helpful to strengthen your recruitment process:

1 . Strengthen your employer brand:

Build your strong employer brand, by communicating how your organization is unique and what is special about it. Showcase how your organization has a unique culture and is a great place to work.

2 . Leverage the power of recruitment marketing:

Use appropriate marketing platforms, such as social media platforms to promote your job openings. Increase candidate engagement by making videos related to interview and resume guides for the open roles. Additionally, you can highlight your company culture and grab the attention of candidates by making videos, posting group activities, and creating problem-solving contests on social media.

3 . Build a large talent pool:

Create a large talent pool of people that you can reach, when a position that matches exactly with their skill set, opens. It can help your hiring team to not start from scratch every time a position opens.

4 . Write better job descriptions:

Instead of a demanding approach, use the need approach in job descriptions to get higher applicant responses. Focus on what your company can do for potential employees, instead of what the company needs from the employee and you'll attract more talent that fits your company's requirements.

5 . Use the power of Artificial intelligence :

Advanced AI can be helpful in making the recruitment process more efficient and consistent, by processing high volumes of data in minimum time and effort. Chatbots can be used by applicants to request assistance and guidance. Many AI recruiting tools, out there in the market enable organizations to improve their overall hiring process.

6 . Utilize employee referrals:

It is one of the best ways to attract qualified candidates, as referred candidates are likely to stay with the organization for a longer time period. Encourage and ask your trusted employees to refer respective candidates for the right opportunities with their colleagues and friends. Formalize a good referral program and promote open jobs for referrals.

7 . Look for the right fits:

Attract and source candidates who are perfect for the open role and additionally, candidates whose personalities fit the culture of the organization. Keep in mind to hire based on the values and character of the candidate.

8 . Well-written posts and emails:

Craft decent and attractive emails to grab candidates’ attention. Make sure what will be appealing to them. Try to include pictures, videos, emojis, GIFs, surprises and etc, that vibe with them. Post your company group activities and challenges on social media platforms, to keep them engaged.

9 . Improve your interview process:

Align and conduct interviews based on candidate skill sets, and organize them beforehand. Along with focusing on the technical competency of the new applicants, make sure other factors such as personality, emotional intelligence, motivation, interpersonal skills, and adaptability are not ignored.

10 . Optimize your recruitment process:

Analyze your recruitment data, on the basis of feedback and reviews and improve the shortcomings, according to them. Stay organized, and up to date, and move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

11 . Offer applicants what they expect:

Make sure the candidates feel welcomed in the new role and company, and offer them benefits and packages that keep the work-life balance.

12 . Use hiring software:

Hiring software such as an ATS comes in handy when hiring for multiple positions. It can easily handle all your manual work from sending bulk emails, and screening candidates to resume parsing, and can become your all-in-one buddy for hiring multiple candidates. read more about benefits of an applicant tracking system.

Hirecinch is a software platform that offers all-in-one hiring software for businesses of all sizes generally and for small businesses especially. The platform is designed to help employers attract high-quality candidates, evaluate them collaboratively, and ultimately find the right fit for their team.

The platform offers a range of tools to help employers create and post job listings, as well as reach out to candidates directly through email campaigns and social media channels. This helps businesses to increase their candidate pool and find the best fit for their open positions.

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How do I make the best hire?

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In order to hire the best candidates, the first and foremost step is to have a recruitment process that is well-organized and optimized. Keep your mind clear about what are your expectations and requirements from the candidate and try to exactly match the candidate with the job description. Devise strategies and look in the right places. Use a modern applicant tracking system to manage and minimize your hiring workload.

Biggest challenges faced in hiring

Sometimes you might be facing a lot of difficulties during recruiting, such as:

  1. Keeping qualified candidates engaged, through the process.
  2. If a candidate is not satisfied with his experience, he might spread negative reviews about your organization.
  3. Not getting all the required skills and qualities in one candidate.
  4. Less ratio or lack of skilled candidates in the industry.
  5. Taking longer to hire than expected.
  6. Lack of communication among the hr managers and other team members.

There are many other recruitment challenges that a hiring team might face while hiring, even the good company's out there have to face them, but the goal is to meet and overcome them with a plan and strategy and use recruitment tools to automate and make the process easy.


The aim is to find an optimized hiring process that is the best fit for your company and ensures its growth and success. There are many ways to hire the best talent, but you should aim for strategies that make your organization stand out from the rest.

Use the hacks mentioned above and utilize the power of an ATS to create a refined method that works best for you. If you are looking for software that can help you automate and streamline your hiring process, without any delay.


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Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier

Hirecinch is one of the best applicant tracking system I have used ever, literally my my job easier