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I can't find answers to my questions, how can I take help?

Hirecinch's help center is in place to help the users understand the flow. If it fails to answer your query, chances are that you may get it answered in our FAQs section. In case your query is still unanswered, you can contact us at anytime.

What are some subscription models Hirecinch has?

Hirecinch offers two plans, the subscription plan, and the one-time plan.

The subscription plan is well suited for SMBs that hire around the year. The amount of money you need to spend depends on the number of active jobs you select.

A one-time plan is well suited for startups and SMBs that hire once a year. Here too, the amount of money you need to spend depends on the number of active jobs you select.

Learn more about our plans here.

Where does a job get published?

A job, when published, gets displayed on the careers page of your company at Hirecinch. For now, we have not integrated with any job board. Using any job board out there for publicizing your job will make more candidates attracted to your job. Otherwise, LinkedIn and other social media have proved to be fruitful to spread the word too.

How accurately is the score calculated in scorecards at Hirecinch?

The scorecard feature is meticulously designed to make sure that you can evaluate the candidate on multiple attributes. A whole lot of thinking is put into making it powerful yet easy to use and evaluate quickly.

A scorecard can be attached to each stage. It can have multiple sections with multiple subsections. There can be two gradings, 1 to 5 and Yes/No (binary). 1 to 5 is designed for the attributes which you can rate, like programming skills, etc. while the binary grading works well with qualities that you judge on your gut feeling, deciding if someone is a cultural fit or not, for instance.

Whether you choose 1 to 5 or binary grading for a section, the score is calculated very carefully using the individual scores on each subsection. The score of a section only affects the total score of that stage if either all its subsections are marked, or if the section itself is marked. The score given by each team member will be used to calculate a stage's score of any candidate. Weights of each section and subsection play a part while calculating the overall score of a stage.

Learn more about scorecards here.

Can I ask questions of my own in my application form?

Yes, you can add as many custom questions as you want. While adding a question, you can write the statement and select the type of response you would like on it. The allowed response types are long text, short text, multiple-choice field, single-choice field, URL, date, and file. You can also set the word limit for long and short text.

Can I choose to exclude by-default questions from my application form?

While configuring your application form, you can choose to include or exclude the questions Hirecinch has by default. However, the name and email of a candidate are mandatory and can't be disabled or made optional.

Can a team member add a candidate on his/her own?

Yes, a team member is allowed to add a candidate on his/her own. After you select the job you want to add the candidate to, you can click the 'Add Candidate' button from the list of action items beneath the job's stages.

Learn more about adding a candidate here.

What happens when I delete a section of a scorecard that has been scored?

Deleting a section of a scorecard will result in the deletion of any scores on that section. Hirecinch will confirm if you really want to delete a section but once done, the step can't be reverted and scores on that section will be lost. Similar is the case if you delete a subsection or the whole scorecard.

What are some of the stages of a job lifecycle?

A job when created is in the draft state by default. You can create a draft job and save it for future use. Being in the draft state means that candidates cannot apply to it unless it is moved to the active state.

The job in an active state can be published or unpublished. Publishing a job means that it goes to your company's careers page at Hirecinch and candidates can apply to it. In case you feel the need to stop receiving applications for a while, you can unpublish the job. A job can be unpublished or republished at your own will. You can have only an allowed number of jobs in the active state and that number depends on the plan you have subscribed to.

When you feel that you have enough applicants in your pool and you don't plan to receive any further applications, you can close the job. Closing a job means you cannot make it active again but all the data stays there and you can move candidates between the stages even when the job is closed. You can have as many jobs in the draft and closed status as you want.

Learn more about a job's lifecycle here.

What are the hiring pipeline stages? How many stages can I have inside a job?

A hiring pipeline consists of the stages the candidates in your job will move through. You can create as many stages as you want and can move candidates through them at your will. Hirecinch provides a default pipeline but you can customize it according to your needs. You can also change the order of stages anytime by a very simple drag-and-drop approach.

Hiring stages let you distinguish candidates based on their progress. Each stage will have a type and you can select any option from Sourced/Applied, Screening, Interview, and Offer. Some of the stages might not need any scoring mechanism but you can always add a scorecard with any stage you want. Scoring and comparing candidates on scores lets you decided between the candidates easily.

Learn more about the stage of the hiring pipeline here.

What security measures does Hirecinch take to ensure data security?

Hirecinch encrypts data while at rest and at transit. IP restrictions and network rules are in place to make sure that only protected and allowed devices can access data. All the API servers are divided into public and private modes and API permissions are there that make sure a user can access the data that his/her role allows. Our web servers are protected against DDOS attacks.

Does Hirecinch have access to my data?

Yes, we do have access to your data as of now. We are on our way to encrypting users' data.

What happens to my data when my subscription is expired?

All the data stays there unless you delete your account. We don't delete the data for we know you might consider resubscribing to one of our plans.

What happens to my data if a job is closed?

Once you have closed the job, it can't be made active again and candidates can't apply to it anymore. However, all the data of that job stays there and you can move candidates between stages, score and evaluate them and do all the tasks that were available while the job was active. However, if you delete a job, all the related data will be lost.

I already am using another ATS, how can I take my data into Hirecinch?

For the time being, importing and exporting data is done as per the need of the client. If you want to export/import data from/into Hirecinch, contact us at and we will proved you with the required files.

I want to end my subscription and leave Hirecinch, is there a way to export my data?

For the time being, importing and exporting data is done as per the need of the client. If you want to export/import data from/into Hirecinch, contact us at and we will proved you with the required files.

Does Hirecinch provide a free trial?

Yes, a 14-day free trial is allowed on Hirecinch. You can enjoy all the features while using a free trial. Once the free trial is over, you can buy one of the plans Hirecinch offers and continue your hiring smoothly from where you left.

How many team members can I have inside one job?

Hirecinch allows as many team members as you want within your job team. We only limit the number of active jobs you can have at a single time.